CRA ordered to pay more than $60K to worker who was sexually harassed by boss

The Canada Revenue Agency has been ordered to pay the maximum compensation to an Ontario employee who was sexually harassed by her boss after the federal labour board found the organization failed to take steps to prevent it from happening.

A panel of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board says the agency must pay Marilyn Doro $20,000 for the pain and suffering she experienced as a result of the harassment.

The board says the organization must pay Doro another $20,000 for ``the reckless manner in which it handled the initial investigation of her complaint.''

The agency must also reimburse Doro, who worked at its Hamilton office, for nearly $23,000 in out-of-pocket expenses related to her treatment.

In a decision released earlier this year, the board says while the agency quickly launched an investigation in 2010 after Doro filed a sexual harassment complaint against her direct supervisor, Dominic D'Ippolito, it failed to provide a safe level of physical separation between the two.

The board also found it ``very problematic'' that the CRA tried to send Doro to an office in another city in order to separate her from D'Ippolito, then moved her desk to another area against her wishes when she refused the switch.