Credit card information stolen from hotels in the GTA

If you've stayed at a Holiday Inn recently, you may want to check your credit card statements.

The chain's parent company was the victim of a hack, where credit card information was stolen at thousands of locations worldwide, including more than 100 here in Canada.

InterContinental Hotels Group operates Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Kimpton Hotels, among others, and says they know of "unauthorized charges occurring on payment cards after they were legitimately used at their location."

In the GTA, there are five affecteded hotels in Toronto and Mississauga, with affected hotels also found in Vaughan, Oshawa, Oakville and Whitby.

The company says in a statement that the malware affected the main servers and would steal the credit card information of customers who swiped upon check-in at the front desk.

And they say it appeared to have happened between September 29th and December 29th of 2016.

The company has since installed better encryption methods.

If you think you have been affected, the hotel chain says you should keep checking your credit card statements, and "report any unauthorized charges to your card issuer."

The company first learned of the incident back in February, but originally thought it was limited to only a dozen locations in the US.

It's since expanded to include hotels in Puerto Rico and Canada.