Crews filling thousands of potholes throughout the city

Mayor John Tory and Mark Mills

With another winter storm on the way for Sunday, Toronto city crews were busy on Saturday filling thousands of potholes that have formed due to the up-and-down temperatures, snow and ice we have experienced over the past month. 

Mayor John Tory confirmed to NEWSTALK1010's Dave Trafford Saturday morning that the work can be completed either by machines or by hand. 

The goal was to cover several thousand this weekend - including 4,000 on Saturday - with operations to continue the following weekend. 

Tory said it's important to get ahead on the work, especially with more inclement weather headed our way. 

"When it is snowing, those guys are responsible for clearing the snow and you can't fix potholes when it's snowing," Tory explained.

The Mayor says hundreds of thousands of potholes are fixed every year at a cost of millions of dollars, but that's the price to pay when dealing with winter conditions. 

And if your car accidentally hits one, Tory suggests giving 311 a call which will provide information on what claims the driver can make.

"We understand that in some cases, this is a bad experience that people have," Tory said. "But it is caused by mother nature and we are out there trying to fix it."