Criminal charges for drivers involved in a road rally on the 400

You might remember this story from April 2nd.

A group of drivers in expensive supercars pulled over on the 400, after they were spotted weaving in and out of traffi and reportedly speeding on the shoulder.

12 of them had their licences suspended and their cars, like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches, impounded for seven days.

But on Wednesday, Provincial Police took it a step further, charging those drivers criminally with dangerous driving.

According to Sgt Kerry Schmidt, they were able to lay the charge "based on witnesses, dash cam video as well as our investigation."

The drivers were part of a car enthusiast club called "North Face Rally" based out of Toronto.

At the time of the traffic stop a lawyer for the group refuted the claims.

“They did get intercepted at the wrong place at the wrong time,” lawyer Amedeo DiCarlo said. “I think what had happened is that some witnesses had called in about cars driving fast. I mean if you’re driving on the 400 doing 80 kilometres an hour and somebody passes by doing 110 and you see it’s a Lamborghini or Ferrari, right away ‘oh that guy’s speeding’ and you know they claim those as witnesses. Mind you there are no witnesses. Police are asking for witnesses.”

Sgt Schmidt says there is no room for stunts like these on public roads.

"We will not tolerate this kind of activity and we are going to be out there taking these drivers off of the road."