DEVELOPING: Toronto Police wear ball caps as form of protest

The union representing Toronto Police says their members are wearing ball caps on the job as a form of protest.

Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association, tells NEWSTALK 1010 the 'indefinite' action is meant to show that members are not happy with the transformational task force, work conditions or employee morale.

Earlier this year, the police services board approved a transformational task force report that made 32 recommendations on how the force can modernize. The report called for a culture change, with more focus on community policing and use of technology.

The groundwork will begin to be laid for the 2018 police budget at a community meeting next week.

Toronto police officer on protest

Hayley Cooper / NEWSTALK 1010

"This is a message that, no, we are not happy," McCormack says. "The workplace is a disaster. Morale is a disaster."

This is the second phase of the TPA's protest. In the first phase of the protest, the union launched a website dubbed Stop the Toronto Police Cuts, arguing that there is an inadequate level of staffing at the force. 

"I have case among case of people who have been assaulted, domestic assaults, where people have waited hours for a police officer to show up," he says. "When the first words out of all of our employees ... is sorry it took us so long, I think we have a serious problem."

NEWSTALK 1010 has reached out to chief Mark Saunders for comment, but his office says he is "not available."