Did a dispute over who could use the family car lead to murder?

There is a dramatic new follow up to a bizarre murder case you heard about Wednesday on Moore in the Morning.

This week, a 50 year-old father in Toronto was stabbed to death in his apartment. The man's 20 year-old son is charged with second-degree murder.

The victim's wife and the 20 year-old's mother claims to the Toronto Sun, moments before the murder, her husband told her son he couldn't use the family car.

According to her story, Dad was going to take the vehicle to pick up his brother at the airport, but the son insisted that he had to go to the gym.

The father allegedly took the son's keys and told him to get his own apartment.

That's when the mother claims the 20 year-old grabbed a knife, stabbed his father in the stomach and shoulder, stabbed himself, and then took off in the car.

Police have not confirmed this account or released any details about a possible motive.