Did Doug Ford try and get Ron Taverner promoted five years ago?

There is a new suggestion that Premier Doug Ford may have tried to get Superintendent Ron Taverner promoted.

Ford has been on the defensive this week, denying he had a role in Taverner being hired as the new OPP Commissioner. 

The two men have been very good friends for a long time.

The Globe and Mail is now reporting that Ford, when he was a city councillor, allegedly pushed for Taverner to be moved up the ranks five years ago and be given the job of deputy chief.

The suggestion was reportedly made during a meeting with Alok Mukherjee who was chair of the Toronto Police Services Board at the time.

Mukherjee recalls being taken aback by Ford's effort and that Taverner looked visibly upset and uncomfortable.

Ultimately, Taverner was passed up for the job with it, instead, going to Mark Saunders.