DRAMATIC RESCUE: Woman to be charged with mischief

After a heart-stopping four and a half hours hanging on for her life, a young woman is now safe on solid ground, and in handcuffs.

Police say a woman who had to be rescued from a downtown crane will be charged with mischief. 

They've identified her as 23-year-old Marisa Lazo.

It was a dramatic rescue. A firefighter and police negotiator climbed a tall crane at a condo construction site at Church and Wellesley Sts early Wednesday morning, where the woman had been stuck since before 4 a.m. 

The woman had climbed the crane and across the boom, and she ended up somehow sliding down a steel cable to a block of metal hanging about 200 ft above the ground. 

She clung to the cable while sitting on the block, until a firefighter was able to climb up and rappel down to her from the boom. Once she was secure, the two of them slowly rappeled to safety. 

The woman was taken away in an ambulance to be checked out, in handcuffs. 

Police say she is being held overnight and will appear in court Thursday morning to face six charges of public mischief.