Dream even BIGGER

Who would you tell first if you won the lottery?

The OLG is giving you another 10 million reasons to get excited.

They are making some changes with respect to their LottoMax draw, which will take effect in the spring.

Instead of the main jackpot being capped at $60 million, the OLG is increasing it to $70 million.

And there's going to be a second weekly draw, on Tuesdays, in addition to the regular draw on Fridays.

The reason is simple. The people have spoken.

"This this what the customers want, we listened to the customers." says OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti.

He says they like the bigger jackpot and were looking for more chances to play.

But there are a couple things that will stay the same

"Most importantly, the people say they still like the $5 price point." says Bitonti, so that's not going to change.

And the maxmillion extra draws, will still kick in whne the jackpot reaches $50 million.

While there will be a cap on the main jackpot, the number maxmillions that could be given away could be limitless.

But will we ever see the billion dollar jackpots, like in the US?

Bitonti says, probably not.

"The US has 330 million people and we have 30-35 million here in Canada, so it really is based on population."

That being said, when you win in Canada, you take home the WHOLE amount, tax free.