Driver clocked at almost 230kmh on Highway 403 through Mississauga


Young men driving dangerously fast.

Its a problem that authorities all over the world have been trying to solve as long as cars have been around and Ontario is no exception.

Around 1:30am on Thursday, 20-year old man was busted by the OPP on Highway 403 in Mississauga.

He's accused of driving almost 230km/h and faces a charge of stunt driving.

The accused has lost his licence and his vehicle for a week.

The OPP caught about 50 extreme speeders on Toronto area highways last week alone.

More than half of the drivers facing charges are in their teens or 20's.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says most of them are males, which he adds is typical when it comes to allegations of street racing or stunt driving.

"Its is predominantly young men ... between 24 and 40 who are typically charged with these offense," he says.

"It is an ongoing issue and we are trying to increase awareness."