Driver of fuel tanker busted for distracted driving

It was last November, that a tanker truck was involved in a firey crash on the 400 south of Barrie.

The crash killed three people, and involved a total of 14 vehicles. But history could have possibly repeated itself.

Provincial police released details on Monday, of a trucker pulled over - for distracted driving.

Cops nabbed the driver of the fully loaded, double tanker truck on the 400 northbound north of the 401.

The driver was busy on his phone.

"And that is pretty terrifying to think that those vehicles are going down the road with those kinds of drivers. For the most part, we have a great network of transport drivers and drivers in general, but there are those people who refuse to put down that phone and realize that their priority needs to be on the road." says OPP sgt Kerry Schmidt.

What makes this even more surprising, is that the officer who spotted him, was in a regular patrol car, not in the OPP transport truck being used during this distracted driving blitz.

That means, the driver was holding up the phone high enough, to be seen from the ground.