Driverless shuttles could be coming to Toronto

Imagine this:

You're driving along the streets of Toronto when a strange looking vehicle pulls up beside you. It's a public transit vehicle, but not like a bus or a streetcar, and it has no driver.

That could become reality in just a couple of years time.

The City of Toronto is considering a pilot project that would use autonomous shuttles to transport people to their nearest transit stop.

They would be used in neighbourhoods where there's no TTC stop close by and not enough ridership for other forms of transit.

There is a report going to the city's public works committee next week. If it's approved by council, the $1.2 million pilot project could launch in 2020.

The city would partner with the TTC and Metrolinx.

These shuttles wouldn't be completely without a human at first. During the pilot, there would always be staff on board to take control if necessary.

Similar ideas have been tried in Europe, Asia and Las Vegas.