Education minister promises review after drowning death of student

The education minister is promising to take action after a 15-year-old Toronto student died on a school trip and it was revealed that rules were not followed leading up to the excursion.

Jeremiah Perry drowned last month while on a canoe trip to Algonquin Park.

School board officials announced Wednesday that he should never have been on the trip because he failed a swim test beforehand, as did 14 other students who were allowed to go.

Education minister Mitzie Hunter says the province is launching a review of outdoor education and excursion policies in school boards across Ontario.

They will look at whether more adults should be required on such trips.

They are also increasing funding for swimming programs.

The question becomes no matter how the province changes the rules, how they can make sure that the procedures are being followed. Speaking with reporters at Queen's Park Thursday, Hunter didn't have an answer, saying that's what the review is for.

When asked who she thinks is to blame for what happened on Perry's trip, Hunter would not point fingers. She also wouldn't say what kind of disciplinary action she thinks the person responsible should face.