Electrical maintenance system at 280 Wellesley improperly maintained

For a second straight night, residents at 280 Wellesley have no water and almost half of the floors are without heat.

The Electrical Safety Authority ordered a full inspection on Tuesday and has identified a fault that needs to be found and fixed.

Property owners have turned off the water in fear of the pipes bursting due to there being no heat.

"The lack of maintenance to the electrical system at 280 Wellesley St. E. became apparent to the ESA yesterday, which explains the prolonged outage residents now face as the contractor attempts to bring full power back online," explains Brad Ross with The City of Toronto. "If a power surge occurred before the ESA ordered this inspection, a catastrophic failure to the electrical system was a very real possibility. What does that mean? An explosion or fire, injury or worse."

Ross promises the city will have more to say on this next week.

If the fault can't be found and fix soon, building owners have reportedly ordered a temporary power structure that is expected to arrive on Saturday.

The inspection of 280 Wellesley was ordered after flooding at 260 Wellesley last week that kept residents in the dark and cold for days and a fire at 650 Parliament that forced residents from their units for months.

All three buildings have the same owners.