Embattled Blue Jay's publicity deal with sports car dealer 'being assessed'

At least one of Roberto Osuna's business partners is questioning its ties to the embattled Blue Jay.

It comes a day after the all-star pitcher was arrested by Toronto Police and charged with assault.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Osuna assaulted his girlfriend.

Recent photos posted on the 23-year old's social media feed show him posing with a sleek-looking Porsche sports car.

The York Region dealership that gave Osuna the keys and shook hands with him on a publicity deal confirms their arrangement is 'being assessed.'

Pfaff Automotive marketing director Melanie Somerville says as of Wednesday afternoon, the deal is still active and the company has not determined what action to take, if any.

She adds it is the first time that Pfaff has worked with Osuna but would not get into the details of when the relationship started, or the terms that might be involved.

Somerville would not comment on Osuna's court case but insisted that the company takes the accusations against their partner 'very seriously.'

She says the allegations are not an example of the kind of behaviour Pfaff 'is proud of or would align with.'

The assault charges against Osuna have not been proven in court.

He's on paid leave from the Blue Jays as Major League Baseball investigates the allegations.

Ontario's Privacy Commissioner is looking into how it was that images of Osuna sitting in a Toronto Police holding cell were leaked on the morning he was arrested.