Environment Canada issues rainfall warning, ahead of "a very wet day"

This wonderfully wet spring is going to continue on Thursday.

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for the entire GTA, predicting between 40 and 50 mm of rain on Thursday alone.

"Toronto would be having an average total of precipitation in the order of 80 and 90 mm, so we would be getting at least half, if not more, than the normal April rainfall in one day." says Peter Kimbell from Environment Canada.

But rain isn't the only story with this storm. It will be followed by snow in most areas, as the temperature drops later in the day. And that snow could be significant for some.

"Friday morning will be an interesting commute, especially for people further north. In some areas it will very likely be 5, maybe 10cms of snow." says Kimbell.

And since most people have already removed their snow tires, the commute could be a little dicey.

However,  on the plus side, the weather will improve in time for the weekend, with sunshine mixed with the clouds and highs around 12 for Saturday and 14 for Sunday.