Ever think about how much your new car will be worth in 4 years?

When you go and buy a new vehicle, you look at things like fuel mileage, comfort and maybe new tech.

But did you ever think how much it would be worth when it comes time to trade it in?

Canadian Black Book recently gave out awards, giving you an idea of which cars to buy and which to avoid.

The winners for this year include Subaru in the car category, Toyota for trucks and SUVs and Porsche in the luxury vehicle segment.

The company looked at what vehicles sold for after four years of being on the road. The Toyota FJ Cruiser broke records, retaining 83% of it's value. Second was the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tacoma at 82%

But you may have noticed the trend; they are all larger vehicles, SUV's and trucks.

Brian Murphy from Canadian Black Book says that's what people are buying.

"Sub Compact cars don't do very well, nor do traditional midsize vechicles. We also see plug in pure electric vehciles not doing very well."

He says that's because buyers are still skeptical about the batteries and technology is changing rapidly.