EXCLUSIVE: Police investigating after possible booby trap found on popular trail

Toronto Police are looking into an apparent case of sabotage on a Don Valley multi-use trail.

A cyclist reported to officers that as he was riding to the trail head at Pottery Road, he saw what appeared to be vines. But as he rode through he was met with "excrutiating pain."

"Wrapped in that was, what he described as razor wire." says Const Marc Hayford from Toronto Police.

So far though, police haven't been able to gather up any evidence.

"They advised me that once it happened, they had thrown the razor wire across the river." says Hayford.

But what makes this even more worrisome, is that this was strung across the trail at a height of four or five feet high. Which would be head level for a child riding or running through.

"This is not a funny joke, this is not a prank. This is serious." warns Hayford. "Someone could have been seriously hurt or killed, depending on what part of their body they hit it with."

He adds that if police track down the people responsible, they could face criminal charges.