EXCLUSIVE: Reports of long school bus delays as drivers learn their routes

The first week of school is always a bit chaotic as you get settled back into your routine and it can be made worse when the school bus doesn't arrive on schedule.

This is a NEWSTALK 1010 exclusive.

We are once again hearing complaints about long school bus delays, specifically, in Peel Region.

Sheila Walsh, a NEWSTALK 1010 contributor, says she waited almost two hours after school ended for the bus to drop off her 10-year-old daughter.

She says her daughter told her that the driver wasn't sure where she was going and didn't have a navigation system to help.

Thursday afternoon, Peel's student transportation website listed about 150 routes with delays between 10 minutes and an hour.

NEWSTALK 1010 reached out to the Peel District School Board.

A spokesperson says, "We have not had a loss of drivers, unlike some boards who have routes without drivers. The delays we are experiencing this week are typical school start-up delays as drivers get used to their new routes, and as students and families get used to new routines."

Walsh questions why the school buses don't have navigation systems with the stops programmed in.