EXCLUSIVE: Toronto Police Chief lays out new rules surrounding marijuana use for officers

NEWSTALK 1010 has obtained a video where Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, lays out new rules for officers regarding use of recreational marijuana.

In the video, Saunders says all officers will be prohibited from using marijuana while on the job, but also within 28 days of reporting for duty.

He says, science has shown that marijuana is stored in the body longer than alcohol.

However, if new studies show something different, he says the service is open to revisiting the policy.

In response to the new rules, NEWSTALK 1010 reached out to the Toronto Police Association:

The TPA is aware that the Toronto Police Service has drafted a policy on the use of cannabis by our members.  The TPA has not seen this policy nor have we had the opportunity to review its content.  We are aware the draft policy may contain a 28 day waiting period before a member can report for duty after consuming cannabis.

Once the TPA receives an official version of the policy dealing with this topic we will perform a legal analysis of its content for compliance with our collective agreements, legislation, human rights, case law, etc. and make a decision about any further action we may take at that point in time.

Mike McCormack


Toronto Police Association