EXCLUSIVE: WATCH: Terrifying moment at Vaughan Mills store that sends shoppers running

Shoppers went running from a store in Vaughan Mills on Saturday evening after what witnesses call a terrifying incident.

Witnesses tweeted out the tale late on Saturday night, telling about a man who walked into the Winners/Homesense around 6pm and shouted that he was armed with a gun and that he was in the store 'in the name of Allah'.

Police couldn't confirm what the man had said, but York Region Officers say they were called to the store and saw the surveilance video.

They confirmed a man walked in, and shoppers ran out, but since they couldn't hear what he was saying, it didn't appear anything criminal took place.

Officers also never saw a weapon.

There haven't been any arrests, but police are urging anyone who saw what happened or may have been in the store, to please contact them.

They won't be able to lay charges until someone comes forward to tell them exactly what happened.