EXCLUSIVE: Woman hit in Etobicoke intersection, which residents say has been dangerous for years

WARNING: Video can be disturbing to some viewers. 

Residents say something has to finally change at an Etobicoke intersection after a disturbing collision caught on security cameras, exclusively obtained by NEWSTALK1010. 

The video shows a woman touching the pedestrian crossover button on The Queensway at Milton St. on Wednesday afternoon, looking both ways and then walking out, when a van hits and sends her into the air. 

The incident also happened right in front of her husband, NEWSTALK1010 has learned, who is seen rushing to her aid. 

Thankfully she suffered non-life threatening injuries and a driver was charged with careless driving. 

But several residents and business owners in the area say it's been problematic and dangerous for years.  

"It's nothing short of a miracle," says resident JoAnna Schillaci that no one has actually died. "The blood that is on that crosswalk is on the hands of the city because they've known about this." 

Because of the traffic related to the Ontario Food Terminal, large trucks often drive on the four-lane road and Schillaci says many speed through. 

Guido Di Piazza works at a nearby ice cream shop and sees people using the intersection all the time. 

"I have heard a good amount of screeching, people hitting their brakes," he said. "Addressing this would probably be a good idea."

Schillaci says she and other residents want to see a pedestrian stop light instead of the current crossover because of the traffic volume and its speed. 

NEWSTALK1010 has reached out to councillor Mark Grimes and while he has not responded to comment, he has been in the area speaking to residents and Schillaci says he called her Thursday morning. 

"It is scheduled to get a light, but I've heard this in the past many, many, many times through the years," he said. "I'll believe it when I see it." 

"This needs to be done now."