Expanded airline fare structures: Is it about choice or the bottom line?

There is a rising trend among airlines that the companies market as added choice, but some experts say is about their bottom line.

Many airlines have been adding new fare types - "basic economy," for example, allows you to pay less but you get fewer amenities.

In February, Air Canada had introduced a basic fare, followed shortly by WestJet.

On Wednesday, Air Canada announced its economy class now has five different categories, with "Comfort" being added to "Latitude," "Flex," "Standard," and "Basic."

The comfort fare offers a complimentary alcoholic beverage, advanced seat selection, same-day standby, and early boarding, among other amenities. 

The airline says in a press release they made the change "to give its customers greater flexibility to select the airport and onboard amenities they want when travelling."

Aviation expert Jock Williams sees this trend differently.

"Let`s be honest with ourselves, no business exists for any reason other than to make money for itself," he says. "So what it`s trying to do is maximize the money that it makes from the service that it offers.

"Basically, it`s just another way of passing costs along to consumers and letting the consumers feel like they`re getting something."