Expect more subway closures as signal upgrade project is delayed

Another weekend, another subway closure.

There will be no service on Line 1 Saturday between Lawrence and St. Clair stations as workers install the new Automatic Train Control system.

And this won't be the last closure.

A new report from the TTC shows this project is behind schedule and over budget.

It says the signal upgrades, which began 11 years ago, have been delayed by three years and the price has gone up nearly $100 million.

The point of the new system is to allow the TTC to run trains much more frequently.

It's already in place on the Line 1 between Dupont and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The plan was to be finished by late this year but that's now been pushed back to 2022 and it'll mean more weekend closures.

The TTC estimates it will need 12 closures each year to finish by the new deadline.

The report blames the delay on several issues, including the construction of the Spadina Subway Extension.

The increased cost is mainly the cost of paying employees and consultants over the extended timeline.