Family attacked with 'corrosive substance' in Toronto's west end

Toronto Police are tracing the path of a guy on a bicycle believed to have thrown a corrosive substance at two parents who were pushing their baby in a stroller on Thursday afternoon in Toronto's west end.

Authorities say the incident happened near Bloor and Christie Streets around 4:30pm.

The cyclist was riding what looks like a black mountain bike and was wearing an Uber Eats bag.

Allegations are while riding past the family, the suspect hurled a bottle toward the family, leaving both parents and the child with minor injuries.

He was last seen riding west on Bloor and possibly south of Grace Street, screaming and shouting on his way.

Katrina Arrogante of Toronto Police is not able to say what exactly the corrosive substance is or what the motive for the attack might have been.

All she could say is that the parents do not know their attacker.

The suspect is described as a white male with wavy blonde hair.

He was wearing a baseball cap with a red maple leaf logo, a dark sweater with a red shirt underneath, as well as beige cargo shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to call Toronto Police or Crime Stoppers.