Federal Liberals to boost defence spending by 70% over the next decade

The Liberal government's new vision for the military includes a $13.9-billion increase in defence spending over the next decade.

But while some of the money will start flowing right away, the taps aren't expected to fully open until after the next election in 2019.

Officials say the delay is necessary to make sure money is available for when it's needed, as the government moves to replace old equipment and add more personnel and capabilities.

That includes buying 88 new fighter jets, allowing the military to conduct cyberattacks on foes and buying armed drones for airstrikes in an increasingly unstable world.

The government is also dedicating more money to better support Canada's military personnel, particularly the ill and injured, as well as family members.

But the funding delay is likely to raise concerns within the defence community, which wants immediate spending to protect the military from deficit-cutting efforts.