Fire cleanup at neighbouring condos 'could be extensive'

The thick black smoke has been blanketing midtown Toronto for hours.

If you've been walking through it, you'll know how it can affect your breathing.

But what about the people who live in the condos, that have had smoke pouring into, all day?

They are most likely going to have a significant cleanup on their hands.

"That smell can last anywhere from seven to 14 days, depending on how deep it has penetrated into the different building materials." says Phil from GTA Restorations, a company that specializes in fire damage cleanup.

He says the first thing they would do is set up air scrubbers to clean the airborne particulate that would be floating around. After that, it's a good old fashionned scrubbing from top to bottom.

"And then from there we do a hot and cold thermal fog, which is a smoke odour removal proceedure, and that kills all the odour in the air and leaves you with a fresh smelling apartment again."

Phil says the process can last anywhere between one and there days, depending on the severity, and cost is covered by your insurance.

When it comes clothes and furniture, some can be cleaned, others will have to be tossed out and replaced.

But it's not just smell, it's the health aspect. If you don't clean up, you run the risk of getting sick.

"You're going to potentially have respiratory issues, problems breathing and all of that is related to the soot and the carcinogens."