Five Toronto beaches not safe for swimming

E. coli levels are considered too high at three downtown locations

Toronto Public Health has issued an advisory for five of Toronto's beaches due to E. coli levels that are too high to be considered safe.

The five beaches include:

  • Centre Island Beach
  • Ward's Island Beach
  • Sunnyside Beach
  • Rouge Beach
  • Marie Curtis Park East Beach

Red flags are present at each of these locations to remind people to stay out of the water. 

Toronto Public Health generally does not advise swimming in the lake after storms, floods or heavy rainfall - all of which occurred earlier this week on Tuesday evening. 

Officials also say to be on the lookout for cloudy water, which could be an indicator of high levels of bacteria. 

Meantime, raw sewage has been spotted floating in the Harbourfront area of Lake Ontario, following Tuesday's floods. 

A non-profit group called Swim Drink Fish tested the water quality in that location on Thursday. The results will come back on Friday.