Flooding leads to suspension of two Toronto Island ferry lines

The flooding situation on the Toronto Islands had led to the suspension of service on two ferry lines.

There will be no trips to or from Hanlan's Point and Gibraltar Point until further notice, thanks to main roads on the islands being submerged.

Brad Ross of the City of Toronto says water levels in Lake Ontario surpassed on Thursday the 2017 record of 75.93m above sea level and are expected to rise a bit more into Saturday.

After that, Toronto's conservation authority predicts they'll stay steady for anywhere from a week to 10 days.

That means an extended period on high alert for city crews and volunteers, along with the people who live and work on the Islands.

Authorities are monitoring the high water level, as strong winds or a storms could cause more flooding.

Ross says at this point, there's no imminent risk of Centre Island and Ward's Island flooding, although some areas there are soggy.

In spite of the flooding, Wards Island is still open for business! Restaurants, Centreville - even with the grandstand section being closed, as parts of it are under water - are ready to welcome visitors.