Ford Govt. refers protest guillotine to OPP, demands NDP apologize for attendance

The Ford Government has referred an incident involving an effigy depicting the premier being decapitated by guillotine to the Ontario Provincial Police, while also slamming the NDP for their attendance at the protest where it happened. 

On Tuesday during the May Day protests in front of Queen's Park, images of the guillotine show the blade and the bottom with fake blood and a protestor standing beside it with a sign reading, "MAY HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF, CHOP, CHOP!" 

Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod demanded the NDP condemn what happened in the Legislature. 

"I am asking the members opposite to condemn yesterday's protest, apologize for their attendance at yesterday's event," she said.

Ford followed up by saying the protest crossed the line. 

"Anytime a politician, no matter what party it is has a guillotine out there, I think that goes a little too far, matter of fact it goes way overboard," Ford said. "The different is that's what the opposition believes in."

The comments came as the NDP was asking questions and opposition MPP John Vanthof opted not to address the guillotine.

"The sad fact is the Ford Government doesn't want to hear from anyone, other than obedience," Vanthof said.

Speaking to reporters, NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh said her party does condemn what happened. 

"We don't condone that type of behaviour," she said. "We understand that people have the right to protest and voice their concerns, but inappropriate behaviour like that, we don't support that." 

But Singh said an apology would not be coming.

"We were there, not in an official capacity, we were out there speaking to people who have a right to be here and voice their concerns, I don't think there's anything for us to apologize about connecting with constituents here at Queen's Park," she said. 

Singh wouldn't say if the party would condemn the incident in the Legislature and defended her party for not responding when given the chance. 

"I don't think that we dropped the ball, we were asking very specific questions to the premier," she said. "We were continuing with our line of questioning which was appropriate for us to do in that time and space." 

The guillotine incident comes after a man was charged with mischief earlier this week, accused of spray-painting F*** Ford on the outside wall of Queen's Park, as well as on a statue.