Ford has first meeting with transition team

Premier-designate Doug Ford is with his transition team at Queen's Park, Sunday afternoon, for a working meeting. 

The team includes former Conservative MP John Baird, a past chief of staff in former prime minister Stephen Harper's government, and an executive at the Ford family business.

"We're going to focus on the mandate the people gave to us, and we're going to get moving," Ford told reporters before heading inside the building. 

Ford confirmed the 76 Progressive Conservatives elected to the legislature will meet on June 19 for its first caucus meeting.

The incoming premier also shared his thoughts on the current trade war with the US, as well as the deluge of anger coming from US President Donald Trump's team that is directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister and our federal counterparts," he said. "My number one priority is to protect the jobs here in Ontario, especially protect the steel workers and aluminum workers."

"All provinces should be standing united with our federal counterparts," he added.

The PC's won a majority government in Thursday's provincial election. 

Ontario's lieutenant-governor met with Ford on Friday afternoon and invited him to form government.

Ford has said he expects the transition to power to take three weeks. He will officially become premier on June 29.

- With files from NEWSTALK 1010/Jackie Rosen