Ford: "Let the market dictate" when it comes to cannabis, alcohol sales

PC leader Doug Ford says "let the market dictate" when it comes to cannabis and alcohol sales in Ontario.

The newly-minted party leader first told Ryan and Jay on The Rush Monday, that he has always believed the market should dictate, no matter what it is - real estate, cannabis, liquor.

Speaking with Evan Solomon Tuesday afternoon, Ford elaborated.

"I don't like monopolies," he says.

Ford says when it comes to alcohol, he finds it an unfair process for the government to choose which retailers can sell beer and wine.

"You can't pick your favourite retailers and say you get to distribute wine and beer," he says. "If you're going to do it one way, go full blown."

Last month, the province announced that an additional 87 grocery stores would be selling beer and wine in April, in addition to the 200 that already stock the products.