Ford says more money is coming to address gun violence in Toronto

Doug Ford Twitter

Premier Doug Ford said Thursday that more money is coming from his government and the city to address gun violence in Toronto, which has spiked in the last week. 

Speaking in the Niagara Region, Ford reiterated the government's previous funding of $25 million to the guns and gangs unit. 

"We're going to make another great announcement with the mayor of Toronto about more funding to make sure our streets are safe," he said. "It's an absolute priority." 

Over the last week, 21 people have been shot in Toronto, the latest including two incidents overnight. 

Ford's revelation comes the same day the Toronto Star reported the PCs will be backing away from a previous Liberal promise of $14 million for a new community hub in Lawrence Heights, where many recent shootings have happened. 

"I love when people say the former Liberal government that put this province in bankruptcy, they committed, they committed give everybody a new car too and unfortunately we can't give everybody a new car," he said. 

PC MPP Robin Martin also addressed the story, saying the Liberals announced funding "despite the fact no formal proposal was submitted and no funds were available."

"If it's a good project and it sounds like it may well be, then we will approve it," she told the Night Side. "But this is a process that should be gone through, I don't want to make empty promises just because that's what the former Liberal government was up to before the election."