Forensic officer to testify what was found on Dellen Millard's computers

The Crown's star witness at a murder trial in the case of a woman who vanished five years ago is expected to delve deep into his forensic analysis of computers seized from the home of one of the accused.

Retired Ontario Provincial Police Det. Sgt. Jim Falconer will continue to go through a massive trove of data from three computers found at Dellen Millard's home.

Millard, 32, of Toronto and Mark Smich, 30 of Oakville, Ont., have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the presumed death of Laura Babcock, 23.

The Crown alleges the pair killed Babcock and burned her remains in a large incinerator in 2012 because she had become a problem for Millard and his girlfriend, Christina Noudga.

Court has heard that Millard didn't care about the animosity between Babcock and Noudga, who witnesses say were both sleeping with Millard at the same time.

Falconer told the jury on Tuesday that data from five iPhones, including three that belonged to Millard, and Smich's iPad were recovered during a forensic analysis.

The judge told the jury that Falconer, who is the Crown's most substantial witness in the trial, will go through a complex body of evidence.