Former Liberal MP says Justin Trudeau broke the law

The speaker of the House of Commons says he will consider arguments that the prime minister breached the law when he expelled two former cabinet ministers from caucus.

Jane Philpott says no recorded vote by Liberal M-P's was held before Justin Trudeau removed the pair last week on the grounds they had lost the trust of caucus.

MPs in each party are required by the Parliament of Canada Act to vote after each election on whether to require a secret vote by all members of the caucus to expel a member but the Liberals deferred the issue rather than decide either way.

Philpott says if Trudeau had followed the rules spelled out in the law, it would have taken 90 Liberal MPs to vote to kick her and Wilson-Raybould out -- adding expulsion should not be his decision to take unilaterally.

Trudeau later told reporters ``the will of caucus was very clear'' but he had made the decision to remove the pair.

Speaker Geoff Regan told Philpott he would look into whether her privileges as an M-P were violated and report back to the House later.