Former lottery winner accused of scamming woman out of more than $60,000

It was August of 2012 that 40-year old Darshan Dhaliwal of Brampton was smiling for the cameras while proudly holding up his jumbo-sized novelty cheque.

The prop had ONE MILLION DOLLARS scrawled on it, in thick, black marker.

When Dhaliwal turned up at the offices of Ontario Lottery & Gaming to speak to his big win, he said at the time that the money was "life-changing."

He beamed as he told reporters that he had plans to pay off debts before he looked at buying a new house and a new vehicle.

A little over 4 years later, Peel Regional Police have accused Dhaliwal of being a fraudster, allegedly using a bogus tale about being a pious man who had the power to banish evil spirits.

Investigators believe the former LOTTOMAX winner defrauded a woman of more than $60,000 by persuading her of his apparent mystical powers.

Police say the man approached the alleged victim last year, told her he had won a lottery, and allegedly convinced her his good luck was due to his unusual closeness to God.

Allegations are Dhaliwal talked the woman into giving him large quantities of money that he said he would bury in the ground and pray over in order to remove evil spirits.

They say he later allegedly convinced her to allow him to perform the same prayers over her jewelry.

It wasn't until months later that the woman became suspicious when neither her cash nor her jewelry were returned as promised.

Dhaliwal has been charged with fraud over $5,000 and breach of recognizance.

Authorities believe Dhaliwal might have tried to scam others.

Anyone with information should contact police or Crime Stoppers.

(with files from NEWSTALK 1010)