Gas prices rise as the federal carbon tax kicks in

Residents of Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick are paying a little more for gasoline, heating fuel and other items today.

The federal government's carbon tax is kicking in for the four provinces that have refused to impose their own carbon pricing system.

The tax adds 4.4 cents to the price of a litre of gasoline and about four cents to a cubic metre of natural gas.

It also drives up the cost of propane, butane, aviation fuel and other goods, and is set to increase every year until 2022.

The federal government is also instituting income tax rebates that it says will give people back the extra money they're paying.

Saskatchewan and Ontario and fighting the tax in court, and a ruling in Saskatchewan is expected in the coming months.

Gas prices prices at some Toronto stations this morning, hit $1.24 per litre.

With files from NEWSTALK 1010