Gathering at Toronto Public Library branch sparks controversy

The Toronto Public Library will be reviewing its room booking policy after a controversial gathering Wednesday at an Etobicoke branch.

A handful of people gathered at the Richview Library, near Islington and Eglinton, to honour a lawyer who represented several white supremacists and Holocaust-deniers.

Police and library staff were on hand to keep an eye on the meeting. Some groups had called for the booking to be cancelled.

In a written statement ahead of the gathering, Mayor John Tory said he'd asked the library to considering cancelling but, "I was informed that the library has received legal advice that it cannot reject this room booking request."

Tory says his office will be, "asking the library board to review its room rental policies." 

The group had gathered to pay tribute to recently deceased lawyer, Barbara Kulaszka, who has represented, among others, Holocaust-denier Ernst Zündel.