GO Transit reporting significant ridership jumps from some of the closer train stops

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On the surface, it would appear many people have found a reasonable alternative to the TTC when it comes to getting downtown.

The latest ridership numbers have been released, which tracked the number of people onboard their trains between April and July.

"Ridership is growing very healthily and very vibrantly." says Chief Marketing Officer for GO Transit, Mark Childs. "Ridership overall has grown 4.1%, so a really great start."

But when you look around the transit network, you'll see spikes in areas like Danforth, where ridership is up 19.6%, Scarborough where it's up 16.7% and Kipling, where the jump is 11%.

It's possible that many people have discovered a way around using the TTC.

That can be attributed to several different things, according to Childs.

"First, back in April we announced lower fares for shorter, under 10km, trips" which he says has been a big help. "We also started a policy of kids going free, which has encouraged families to take trips."

While they were still compiling their official numbers, a TTC officials says at first blush, they didn't notice a significant drop in ridership, beyond the summer seasonal downturn.

But GO is taking this as a win and plan on building on their momentum.

"I would say that this is a trend that we anticipate that will continue." says Childs.