GTA gas prices will be eight cents lower by Friday

Gas Pump

By the time the weekend rolls around, GTA drivers will be paying eight cents less for a litre of gas.

Dan McTeague with Gas Price Wizard is forecasting a five-cent drop late Wednesday night and a three-cent slide late Thursday. The change could save you $5 on a 60L fill-up.

McTeague chalks the big drop up to a "cauldron of geo-political problems", from Brexit concerns to the tit-for-tat U.S.-China trade war and other trade concerns between Japan and South Korea.

"There is a sense that there's an imminent slowdown in trade and as a result, that's likely to lead to less growth, economically," McTeague told NEWSTALK 1010 Wednesday.

The longtime gas price watchdog expects prices to continue tumbling through August. He thinks we could see GTA prices below $1.10 a litre by the end of the month.