Hamilton judge who wore 'Make America Great Again' hat in court suspended

The Hamilton judge who wore a 'Make America Great Again' hat in court has been suspended for 30 days without pay.

Ontario's Judicial Council has also reprimanded Bernd Zabel for his actions last November.

The council says it chose to impose "the most serious sanction permitted by law short of removal from office."

Testifying before the panel last month, Zabel said he profoundly regrets his ill-conceived actions.

In audio recorded in Zabel's courtroom as he donned the red cap the day after the American election, you hear laughter and Zabel's voice saying it was "in celebration of a historic night in the United States."

Zabel explained to the disciplinary hearing that he was only trying to lighten up the mood after a shocking election.

But the four person panel found any reasonable person would think Zabel was endorsing Trump's campaign. The council says that amounts to a breach of the standards of judicial conduct, hurting public confidence in the judiciary.

with files from Justine Lewkowicz