Hamilton Police believe two random attacks are linked

Anytime you hear the word "random" mentionned in the same breath as "attack", it tends to heighten the urgency.

Hamilton Police are looking for a man believed to be behind a couple of such attacks in the same general area, around Tim Horton's Field.

The first alleged incident happened on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock, a woman reported she was shoveling snow in the Victoria Ave and Evans St. when a man approached her riding a bike.

Police say he raised his fist and hit her in the nose with a sharp object. She only suffered minor injuries and the man took off.

The second alleged incident happened on Cannon St. E. on Sunday evening, just before 7 o'clock.

In this case, police say the woman was walking when a man hit her in the head several times, again with a sharp object. Again, the victimsuffered only minor injuries.

Police believe the same man could be responsible for both attacks and say he's described as a white man, about 6'3" and 200lbs. Clean shaven with a prominent nose.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hamilton Police.