Have a Roxodus ticket?

A statement on the Roxodus Website

Some people have spent thousands of dollars buy tickets, and renting campsites for a festival that will no longer happen.

The Roxodus Music Fest was supposed to happen next weekend at the Edenvale Airport, just west of Barrie.

Organizers claimed there was too much rain this spring and the grounds were still too wet to put on the show.

They posted their reasons on their website, promising refund information shortly.

But that line about the refunds has now disappeared.

While people anxiously wait to hear if they are getting their money back, there is something that you can do.

If you purchased your tickets using a credit card, you may be protected.

Both Visa and Mastercard say you should first exhaust all options with the festival organizers, and if that fails, call the number on the back of your card.

"Under Mastercard rules, if a cardholder pays for a product or service up front, and that product or service is not delivered or only partially delivered, they can contact the bank that issued their card to provide details of the situation and request a refund." said a statement from Mastercard.

Visa had a similar stance.

"There are protections for Visa cardholders against goods not received/services not rendered. Cardholders should first attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant, in this case the music festival; if they are unsuccessful we suggest they reach out to their Visa card issuer (bank)." says the statement from Visa.

If you paid cash, you don't really have any other options, other than to wait and hope that the organizers come through with a refund.