Health Canada looking to clamp down on vaping

Some health officials are calling the rise of vaping among youth, an epidemic.

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that vaping among children, has jumped by as much as 80% in recent years.

And it's enough that Health Canada has taken notice.

The organization is out with new proposed regulations aimed at curbing the use of e-cigarettes.

Those new measures would include treating vaping products much the same as we currently treat cigarettes, by limiting the places where advertising could be displayed, adding health warnings on packages and limiting the display of vaping products where they're sold.

But at least one organization is now calling for the quick passage of these proposed regulations.

"We really need this to happen quickly, to protect our kids." says Michael Perley, the Executive Director of the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco.

He says it can take up to two years for this to pass, and kids can't wait that long.

As far as going deeper, Perley suggests the government should look at all the different types of flavours currently on the market.

"They are attractive to kids and they aren't necessary to keep adult smokers who are trying to quit, interested in the product."

But Perley stops short of calling on a full-on ban of e-cigarettes, saying they are valuable aids, in helping people break the habit of smoking cigarettes.