Heat-related calls up slightly for Toronto Paramedics

Health officials in Quebec are watching as the number of deaths related to the hot and humid weather continues to rise.

At least 12 people have died from complications stemming from the humid weather in Montreal alone.

In all, 16 deaths can be blamed on the heat wave.

Hot, muggy weather enveloping Eastern and Central Canada is expected to last two more days, prompting health officials to recommend drinking lots of water and keeping out of the heat -- and helping others.

In Toronto, the city has been baking in similar conditions, but so far, paramedics say their level of calls haven't spiked.

Where in Montreal, they've seen a 30% increase in the number of calls, Toronto only has a jump of about 10-15%

"The patients we do see, are the elderly and those with cronic medical conditions" says Deputy Commander Steve Henderson from Toronto Paramedic Services.

He says the increase in calls usually mimics the increase in temperature over a long period of time.

And usually things slow down as soon as the temperature cools.

But in the meantime, he suggests pulling together as a community.

"We should be looking after each other, and if it's just a door knock at your neighbours, to say "hello", that's where it starts."

(with files from Canadian Press)