Heat taking a toll on Toronto roads

Hot enough for you?

It IS hot enough for some of the roads in the GTA.

A section of the westbound Gardiner Expressway was closed down on Tuesday, near highway 427 for pavement that had buckled under the heat.

Only one westbound lane remained open, while crews tried to repair the problem area as quickly as possible.

It's not the first time this summer, this has happened. That particular stretch of the Gardiner was affected over the weekend, by buckling pavement.

Rob Bradford is the executive director of the Toronto and Area Road Builders Association and he says it's a phenomenon that is hard to predict.

"It's not terribly unusual in periods of extended heat like this when you have day-after-day over 30 degrees, to see some buckling."

"Often it has to do with what's underneath the asphalt, either a buckling or a softening of the subsurface." says Bradford.

But he says this doesn't mean all roads are going to start heaving and cracking.

"It's not an unknown phenomenon, it's like a watermain break. Why does that one break? It's something we just have to go and fix."

The Mayor's office in Toronto reached NEWSTALK1010 with this statement on the problem;

""The Mayor and Mayor's office have been getting regular updates on this issue which is relatively uncommon. Staff have advised that the repair is scheduled to be completed by 6 p.m. today.(TUES) Staff have also assured us that they are monitoring the roads during these hot temperatures and crews are ready to respond if needed."