Heat warning continues for Toronto, GTA

The extreme heat Toronto is feeling this long weekend is expected to stay with us for quite some time.

According to Environment Canada, temperatures will be well above the 30 C mark through the long weekend, and stay in the lower 30's range throughout the entire work week.

In fact, it will be next Saturday before Toronto drops back into the 20's. 

With that, the heat warning issued by Environment Canada will remain in place for Toronto until further notice. 

If you do not have air conditioning and need to get into a cooler environment, the City of Toronto has provided a full list of indoor locations where you can go to get some fresher air. This includes the seven cooling centres open across the city. 

Dr. Christine Navarro, the city's associate medical officer of health, says with temperatures like this, it's extremely important to recognize the signs of heatstroke immediately.

"In a heatstroke, a person may seem like they're not speaking clearly, they may start losing consciousness, there's a change in their actual body temperature" she told NEWSTALK1010. "That is a medical emergency. You need to call 911 in that situation and get that person to a cool, shaded area and put some cool cloths on them until help arrives."

Besides seniors, children, pregnant women and anyone with heart or lung-related issues, Navarro says anyone who works outside should be taking constant breaks indoors and staying hydrated, but preferably they should change the timing of their activities to cooler times of the day or postpone them altogether.