Heat warning issued for Toronto

Hot temperatures in Toronto for the long weekend will peak out Sunday and Monday with a heat warning.

Environment Canada issued the warning Saturday afternoon, calling for temperatures to hit the mid 30's, but climb over 40 degrees with the humidex factored in.

According to meteorologist Glen Robinson, the hot spell will last a couple of days before things cool down.

" Fairly uncomfortable conditions for tomorrow(Sunday) and similar into Monday. We're looking at a two-day event and then a return to more seasonable temperatures."

The heat warning also serves as a reminder to keep a close eye out on seniors, young children and pets. 

"It's very important to check in on people who may be vulnerable,who may have chronic illnesses especially if they don't have air conditioning."

Robinson adds the rest of the week will remain mild and August like, but not as hot and humid with temperatures expected to run from 27-29c from Tuesday through Friday.