Here's a story about 'butts' that has nothing to do with the Prime Minister

The snow banks are melting and that means all the trash that was frozen inside has spilled out onto curb lanes.

You've probably noticed sidewalks near restaurants and pubs are littered with a winter's worth of cigarette butts.

Officials responsible for keeping Toronto tidy tell NEWSTALK 1010 that the spring clean-up will start soon.

"We have a schedule for hiring back staff," says City of Toronto Litter Operations Director Rob Orpin.

"Starting next week, we'll get a group of staff in and we do training and if the weather is condusive, then they will be deployed onto the street."

Orpin says that will start with so-called broom-and-bag teams, that will collect everything from discarded pop cans and plastic wrappers, to cigarette butts.

More seasonal staff will be brought on to help with the spring clean-up effort as temperatures gets warmer.

Orpin warns, though, that the operation can be scaled up or down, depending on how the weather co-operates.

Special attention will be paid to high-traffic sidewalks like those along the Danforth, or Yonge St.

Eventually, the city will dispatch clean-up crews with a mobile vacuum to suck up much from sidewalks and curbs.

Orpin says the city relies on property owners to help tidy up.

They can get warnings or even fines if rubbish is left on sidewalks and pathways for too long.

Orpin expects Toronto's spring clean-up will hit full stride next month.