High winds wreak havoc in Southern Ontario

Environment Canada says it was a blustery day in Toronto and surrounding areas, and they have numbers to back that up. 

One of the windiest places on Wednesday was in Hamilton, where gusts of up to 115km/h were recorded. The wind was so strong it toppled a transport truck travelling over the Burlington Skyway bridge just before 1 o'clock. 

In Toronto, winds of 87km/h were recorded at Pearson International Airport and 91km/h on Toronto Island. 

"Blowing over a transport truck, picking up blue boxes, picking up pop cans and making them projectiles, shingles coming off, tree branches coming down and some reports of power outages as well." says Geoff Coulsen from Environment Canada. 

Now, a cool down is on the way.

He says there is a slight chance of some snow through March Break but he couldn't say anything for certain was going to hit.